04 May, 2015

Kulturá at the New Káva

The first Kulturá night at the new Káva (recently moved to new premises directly across from Todmorden library) was a success.

John Foggin, author of the award-winning 'Larach', gave the inaugural Káva poetry lecture on a theme of 'Reinventing Poetry'. In a virtuoso lecture which included audience interaction, John's talk included a personal reflection on his time as an English teacher, a paeon to the importance of the oral tradition in poetry and a homage to the work of Andrew Marvell and Tony Harrison. A truly memorable experience. John's lecture is available for sale in pamphlet form for £2.

Steve Ely, the feature poet, read from his new book 'Englaland' and from newer material. Steve gave a brilliant reading of diverse and challenging subject matter including poems on the Poll Tax riots in the 14th Century, Brazilian footballers from the 1950s and a dark satire on Jimmy Saville. Steve's poems written and pronounced in middle English reminded us that he is unique amongst poets of his generation.

The open mic section included moving poems by Eileen Earnshaw, poems about Gallipoli by Shirley-Anne Kennedy and a very humorous piece by Diana Forest.

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