25 July, 2015

Spotlight On Eileen Earnshaw

Each month at Kulturá we feature one of our Open Mic poets on the blog.
June's Spotlight fell on Eileen Earnshaw.

Eileen Earnshaw photograph by Pyramid Arts

Eileen is a Rochdale writer and poet who facilitates the Weaving Words Creative Writing Group at Rochdale Central Library and appears frequently at poetry and spoken word events across Lancashire and Yorkshire.  She is a leading member of Rochdale Co-operative Members Group and spearheaded the Reading The Century series of poetry projects and events to mark the Gallipoli Centenary.

Saddleworth Moor

The devil rides over Saddleworth Moor.
Rocks melt with the pain of his passing,
turn brackish, mud sucks, claggs, clings to trouser legs.
Trees are stunted, moss and lichen blackened.
Heather, lifeless lies in putrid swathes,
an infected haematoma.
Oblivious, the curlew calls,
sheep huddle close, draw warmth from each other,
lifting their heads, crying.

The devil rides over Saddleworth Moor,
thunder roars, pounces, valley to ridge
to bruised black clouds that strike
with electric intensity, pissing their contents
on sodden ground. Moor grime slides,
schemes its way into hearts, minds.
Sinews stiffen, muscles slacken, resolution dies.
There are no dreams on Saddleworth,
just desires that crash, burn in unseen chasms.

Visions, a childish form lost beneath the earth,
a wind that screams its agony
against evil, the cruelty of men.
The devil rides over Saddleworth Moor.
He has left his mark, diminished us.

© Eileen Earnshaw November 2014.

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